Diamond Plate Mini Fridge/Freezer (5.1 cu. ft.)

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Facts about  this Diamond Plate Mini Fridge

  • Mini Fridge Cubic Feet: 5.1 cu. ft. compact refrigerator
  • Fridge Colors: White and Diamond Plate Mini Fridge
  • Mini Fridge Dimensions: 23.63W x 23.5D x 33.25H inches
  • Shelving: Adjustable Glass Shelving
  • Weight of Mini Fridge: 110 pounds
  • Brand/Type: Summit Appliance
  • Mini Fridge With Freezer? Yes
  • Mini Fridge Microwave Combo? No
  • Mini Fridge With Lock? Yes (optional)

Summit FF521BLBIDPL Refrigerator, Silver Diamond Plate Review / Best Price

Tough as nails diamond plate mini fridge with freezer

Need a refrigerator in your garage? How about the diamond plate mini fridge? This tough looking mini refrigerator looks the part for any garage or workshop. It also would fit right in a game room, basement, or any room for that matter. There is an option for a lock which may be a good idea to protect you beverage from your thirsty friends, but hey sharing is good. This diamond plate compact refrigerator has a freezer, state of the art dual evaporator system, zero degree freezer which keeps those summer popcicles ice cold. Door comes in a beautiful diamond plate finish.

Summit FF521BLBIDPL Refrigerator, Silver With Diamond Plate, Tjernlund Products, Inc.

Price: $1,040.14
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