MicroFridge Mini Fridge Microwave Combo (2.4 cu. ft.) Black

MicroFridge Mini Fridge Microwave Combo (2.4 cu. ft.) Black

Facts about Mini Fridge Microwave Combo

  • Mini Fridge Cubic Feet: 2.5 cu. ft. compact refrigerator
  • Fridge Colors: Black compact refrigerator White Interior
  • Mini Fridge Dimensions: 19.63L x 18.63W x 35.88H in.
  • Shelving: 2 shelves
  • Weight of Mini Fridge: 76 pounds
  • Brand/Type: MicroFridge | 402437
  • Mini Fridge With Freezer? No
  • Mini Fridge Microwave Combo? Yes
  • Mini Fridge With Lock? No

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Be master of your domain with a mini fridge microwave combo.

You’ve just got in your new apartment and realized there is not as much room as you thought. Instead of balling up in a corner and crying you take charge of the dilemma. You get a mini fridge microwave combo and defeat small space. You are now truly master of your domain. Who dares challenge you? Now pop some popcorn, grab a cold beverage, and kick up your feet…you are a champion. If you are in need of room pick up this mini fridge microwave combo by MicroFridge. It comes with a 700-watt microwave oven and glass carousel. The microwave has LED display, clock, and electronic touch pad controls.