NEW Star Wars R2-D2 4 Liter Thermoelectric Cooler

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Get a Star Wars Fridge for Game Room to complete your recreation area…

Need a Star Wars fridge for game room? When it comes to style for your recreation room, you can’t go wrong with furnishing it will Star Wars decor. How about a sci-fi theme or pop culture theme? It doesn’t matter what you choose Star Wars fits in and is accepted by nerds, geeks, and society.

This official star wars licensed R2D2 mini fridge. The 4 liter mini fridge holds up to six cans of beverage. Each style of fridge has a hot and cold function and a carry handle. Function *contents 1x R2D2 cooler, x1 mains power lead, x1 car 12v lead – powered by ac 110v or dc 12v electric supply.

R2D2 Star Wars mini fridge for Recreation Rooms

  • Recreation Room ✅
  • Home Movie Theater Room ✅
  • Game Room ✅
  • Lounge Room ✅
  • Man Cave ✅
  • Garage Space ✅
  • Family Rec Room ✅
  • Kitchen Area ✅
  • Basement Area ✅
  • Home or Work Office ✅

Star Wars Mini Fridge for Game Room Review, Best Price, and Price Alerts

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NEW Star Wars R2-D2 4 Liter Thermoelectric Cooler, The Robe Factory

Price: $56.50
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